About Us


a daring and a dissimilar brand where the crowd doesn't fit

Established in 2017, we design clothing with unique patterns and distinct fabric textures for daring and confident men and women.

The clothes are designed in Portugal (Lisbon) and made in India, in accordance with Fair Trade principles.​

We are a slow fashion brand, we stand for quality, clean environment and fairness for both consumers and producers.

We respect everyone’s individuality and work exclusively with Limited Editions.

Our Team

We work with a small factory in India and we are close to those who give their best every day.

From the left to the right: Ramesh (tailor), Omar (tailor), Satbir (he cuts the fabrics), Vijay (tailor), Manuel

(co-founder), Master Ji (factory manager) and Ranjit (tailor).


Brazilian actor Cauã Reymond

wearing Otherwise for Men’s Health Portugal