our values

we're a small team based in Lisbon, Portugal who is lucky enough to travel often to India and work closely with our tailors. get to know our brand pillars:

otherwise works solely with limited edition collections. we produce between 30 and 50 pieces of each design as we respect everyone’s individuality and, most importantly, we don’t believe in mass production. each piece is hand cutter and every fabric and material is personally chosen by our founder. each design is unique and you’ll hardly find two exact matches.

we value artisanal work, such as stamping and handloom, and we consider artisans to be true artists. sustainability is a very important pillar of our brand and we work to be better every day.

at all times we use natural and organic fabrics to produce all our pieces. we never use synthetic
materials such as polyester, acrylic or nylon.

we always re-use fabric leftovers from past collections to do our jacket’s linings or our tote

we consistently work with artisans that master hand made techniques and slowly make our fabrics. In average, it usually takes 30 to 60 days to produce enough fabric for 30 shirts.

our buttons are made of organic coconut shelf.

we never use plastic for our merchandise transport. we specifically have developed our
own paper bags to cut our plastic waste.

we’re proud to freely communicate with our suppliers and customers. we work closely with our small team in India and we ensure that everyone is valued. we believe to practice an honest price, one that values everyone involved in our supply chain. we aim to do fair business and that’s why we don’t do sales.

we aim to design clothing with unique patterns and distinct fabric textures for daring and confident people.at the end of the day, what sets you apart is what makes you great.